Myofacial pain syndrome



When your muscles do notóor cannotórelax, they can knot up and cause pain. Trigger points are tender points in your muscles that can cause pain and muscle weakness. Often, they cause pain that shoots away from the muscle. Sometimes trigger points irritate the nerves, causing pain throughout your body. It can also result in muscle weakness. We can treat trigger point pain using simple injections directly into the muscle. Trigger point injections soothe muscle pain, take about 15 minutes, and can provide long-lasting relief. Trigger point injections can improve the blood flow to your muscles and break the cycle of pain you experience. For this treatment, you sit or lie down. Our doctor will press on your muscles to find the exact site. Then we clean the area and apply an anesthetic. Using a targeted approach, we insert a needle into your muscle of concern and use a specific needle motion to ensure that the muscle relaxes. After we feel the relaxation occur, we cool the area down with local anesthetic to reduce soreness and move on to your next painful muscle. Sometimes we also do prolotherapy of muscles for improving healing by injecting Dextrose and ozone gas in target muscles .

Special Instructions

Side Effects And Complications

Are very rare, though you may experience temporary soreness at the injection spot. We do, however, advice avoiding strenuous activity for a few days after the injection, though complication